Our new typographical pairing is current and versatile. To create a consistent look for a wide variety of communications, two typefaces for print (Proxima Nova and FreightBig Pro) and one for web (Montserrat) are included. Whether you work with prospective or current students, undergraduates or graduates, staff or faculty, donors or alumni, consider which of our fonts is appropriate for your target audience.

Proxima Nova

Suitable for both print and digital, Proxima Nova combines modern proportions with a geometric appearance. Selected based on legibility and functionality, it includes a range of weights. Bold and expressive, Proxima Nova is best suited for use in communications directed to students, interdepartmental communication, and general institutional correspondence.

You may activate Proxima Nova from Adobe Fonts if you are using WSU’s Enterprise Account for the Creative Cloud. Visit our “Installing Adobe Creative Cloud” page to learn more.

FreightBig Pro

Suitable for both print and digital, FreightBig Pro, a serif font, is our secondary typeface. FreightBig Pro’s elegant, refined look complements the modernity of Proxima Nova. This typeface is appropriate for formal communications, such as those directed to donors, to promote family weekends, and for commencement ceremonies.

Web type

Our web font is present on a wide range of computer systems and browsers, ensuring that written content displays consistently and uniformly.


Microsoft Office replacement

If you do not have access to Adobe fonts (Proxima Nova, FreightBig Pro, and Montserrat), for the vast majority of university communications, the following universal fonts are recommended for official use. User-friendly and easily accessible, they are available as part of the Microsoft Office software suite on most WSU computers.

Typeface Usage

A handy reference for each of our fonts



Do use the appropriate typefaces.


Do use the approved versions of the typeface.


Do NOT change or adjust type in the approved lockups.