Web and Digital

The power of digital communications in reaching our audiences is immense, so effectively conveying the WSU brand through websites and other digital channels is critical. Many of the university’s primary audiences form their initial impression of WSU based on digital communication.


The technical and creative guidelines for building consistently branded WSU websites are located in our Web Design System. For development-related questions, please visit our web communications website.

Social media

Social media is an essential communications tool for WSU. Through consistent strategies, language, and graphics, we amplify WSU’s voice across all social media channels and engage in real-time conversation with our audiences. Our social media website contains more information about social media guidelines for colleges, schools, and other departments.

Social media badges

College/Department / Unit

Social media headers

Image + Profile
Image + Profile
Pattern + Profile
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General guidelines

Our brand narrative should serve as the primary inspiration for how we communicate across social media channels. In creating social media content, we should communicate the essence of what it means to be a Coug: discovering possibilities and acting on them. Additionally, our tone of voice should prioritize the tone words below:

Down to earth

We’re honest, speak plainly, and listen to all points of view.


We’re defined by a never-say-die attitude and can-do mindset.


We adapt and evolve as needed, keeping our eyes on the goals we’ve set.


We passionately believe in and explore big and out-of-the-box possibilities.


We strive to ensure all voices are heard and provide equitable opportunities to everyone.


Hashtags are social media labels that make it easier to find posts within a theme or connected to other content. At WSU, we can use hashtags strategically to reach our target audience and help them filter information across various channels. Prominent WSU hashtags include:




Using existing hashtags is effective. In fact, we encourage you to use the ones above as they are established and widely used by the #WSU community.

We recommend caution when creating hashtags. Only introduce new ones if there is a specific strategic purpose for doing so. For more information, email social.media@wsu.edu


Branded presentation templates have been created for you to input content that highlights the amazing academic and research work in your area. Download the templates.

Email signature

Email signatures present another opportunity to create positive impressions about WSU with our target audiences. To foster additional brand recognition in every email you send, please include an official email signature in your communications. A sample can be downloaded here. Signatures are customizable and can include other information, such as pronouns or a website. Crimson or gray typeface is acceptable.


We’ve provided files to download with proper formatting and consistent branding if you need to create official documents, on a more immediate basis. These files can be customizable to suit a unit’s individual needs. 



Do use the provided global header with the Cougar head logo.


Do use accent colors for borders, page dividers, and other accent elements.


Do use headings to organize content and make it easy to scan.


Do use bold to emphasize important text, keeping the number of bolded words below 6.


Do use buttons to call out important actions.


Do use descriptive text for links.


Don’t add custom logos to the global header or the site header.


Don’t use accent colors as text color or for the background of headers, columns, and other large areas.


Don’t use crimson or accent colors as the text color for headings.


Don’t use underlines or text color to add text emphasis.


Don’t use more than 3-5 buttons in a group or as a list of links.


Don’t use the url for link text.

See our web design system for further documentation

You’ll find style guides, code snippets and documentation