Brand narrative

Our brand narrative is a comprehensive statement of who we are, what we believe, what we do, and why we do it. It is not a script to be read, but rather, use the narrative as a messaging framework when communicating about the university with your various audiences.

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How to use the narrative

To amplify our voice:

The tone of our communication conveys our commitment to unlocking possibilities. Whenever we speak and write on behalf of WSU, our tone suggests a focus on discovering, embracing, and acting on the opportunities the university creates.

To focus our message:

A message comes up short without examples. In our narrative, we’ve laid the groundwork for what we envision WSU to be, but the passionate alumni, current students, faculty, and staff speak loudly through their actions. View the narrative as a blueprint for the way you communicate their stories, anecdotes, and experiences.

To bring our brand to life:

Photography, illustrations, and motion show compelling plot points in the overarching story of WSU. Look for opportunities to communicate through visuals whenever possible, adhering to these guidelines to create consistency, impact, and positive impressions.