Motion––which includes video, animation, and effects––creates a dynamic look and feel for the WSU brand. As with all branded elements, consistency is vital. The following guidelines outline our approach to video and other elements of motion.

Video effectively conveys the emotional aspects of the WSU brand and how the university makes the world a better place. From a story about a first-generation student’s scholarship to the landscape-changing work completed by WSU Extension, video is a powerful tool for telling our story. For guidance in producing branded videos, email

Titles and end slides

Titles and end slides bookend the stories we tell. Creating seamless transitions in and out of things like presentations and videos ensures we leave our audience with a sense of our professionalism, dedication, and institutional impact. 


Lower thirds

The lower third refers to the name and title that appears beneath a subject during interviews, documentaries, promotions, and commercials. As with all elements of motion, we strive for consistent treatment of logos, names, and titles.

Lower thirds are an optional element that tie together the other components of the brand within a video. Though not encouraged, customizing lower thirds is permissible, depending on the video purpose and audience. It is up to the individual department or unit to determine how, when and where the lower thirds will be used. Custom lower thirds must be created by the individual department or unit. The university video team will not create, support or provide custom lower thirds.

Text overlay
Knockout text

Please refer to the ‘read me’ file included in the download package for instructions on how to change/customize the lower third animations.