WSU’s visual identity is a collection of symbols, logos, icons, and photography. Together, these elements represent and reflect WSU’s rich history, culture, and offerings. The imagery we use is inclusive of WSU’s many campuses and other WSU locations. 


Images of WSU and its various constituents are the most powerful way to communicate who we are and what we do. As you choose photography, consider our narrative and five tone words: Down to earth, Spirited, Resilient, Original, and Welcoming. 

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Campus environment/architecture:

Architecture photos show the beauty and character of our campuses, buildings and programs.
Examples: Sunsets, campus sculptures, academic buildings or athletic facilities.

Campus environment/people:

These photos connect the people – students, faculty, staff and alumni – to the special place that is WSU. Showing people on campus in real, candid moments connect the people with the university.
Examples: Students walking on the mall, interactions in the CUB, studying on a bench or relaxing in the sun.


Close-up details highlights processes, tools, nature, equipment, or arts. These photos showcase WSU’s everyday variety.


Portraits showcase the personality of both the individual (administrator, student, faculty or staff) and the university. It’s a professional and staged image that tells a story through setting, expression, posture and lighting.

Student Experience/Academic:

Inside and outside the classroom, WSU is full of learners, and showing hands-on education is an important part of our story.
Examples: Classrooms, labs, field trips or study sessions.

Social experience:

Social Experiences portray  “in the moment” activity and capture what makes us WSU. When selecting images with multiple people, keep diversity of age, race, gender and ability in mind.
Examples: Concerts, games, activities and memories.


Patterns support other visual brand elements. Patterns should not be altered. Please use as provided.

WSU Pattern
Fight Song


Icons are used primarily in digital materials but are designed so that they can be applied to print as well. Icons are used everywhere from web pages to envelopes, emails, and signage. There are hundreds of icons in our web design system. A sampling is included below.


Do not use formal group portraits wherever possible.

Do not use direct flash photography.

Do not use unnatural or overly staged settings.

Do not include people wearing logo-wear from other universities.

Do not include situations where safety procedures are not being followed.

Do not include colors of rival universities, drugs, alcohol or political slogans/imagery.

Do not include use of hand signs/signals.