Brand narrative

Possibilities. To create new opportunities. To improve lives. To reshape the world for a more just and equitable future for all. Go Cougs.

We believe in possibilities and identifying possibilities, acting on possibilities to write new endings to old narratives. That’s the core of the Washington State University story.

We see possibilities all around us. In the students who enter our classrooms. In the faculty who teach. In the researchers who seek solutions to our most pressing problems. In the communities we partner with to address vexing issues. 

Possibilities. It’s why we don’t back away from challenges. Why we plunge ahead in tackling the toughest problems of our times. Why we nurture our students and give them the tools to push past their comfort zones and unlock unrealized and untapped strengths. Go Cougs.

We embrace possibilities. It’s why nearly one-third of our students are first-generation college students. Why our researchers collaborate with partners across the globe to halt deadly diseases and improve the food supply. Why we are reshaping the face of healthcare in Washington by expanding medical services to underserved communities. 

Go Cougs. It’s the well-known rallying cry of WSU supporters for the university’s athletic teams. But it’s a phrase that transcends sports. Cougs dig deep to discover possibilities. We challenge convention, believing that innovative approaches help create a more just society. 

As Washington’s land-grant university, we embrace our deeply rooted mission dedicated to serving the public good. We value hard work and the pursuit of bold ideas. When we encounter obstacles, we regroup and retool as necessary, knowing that bringing possibilities to life requires dogged determination. Go Cougs.

In short, when the world calls for better solutions and new possibilities, Washington State University rises to the occasion. It’s part of our DNA. 

Turning possibilities into reality. It is our unwavering commitment to creating a brighter world. Go Cougs.