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Brand Visual

ITC Stone Serif

ITC Stone Sans II


The official WSU corporate typeface families are:

sans serif

ITC Stone Sans family / 6 fonts
ITC Stone Sans II family / 24 fonts
(The Stone Sans II family is an updated and extended family that includes condensed fonts.)


ITC Stone Serif family / 6 fonts

use of other fonts

A display font other than the Stone corporate fonts may be used in limited cases as a primary headline if the font serves to illustrate the communication concept in a purposeful and unique manner.

obtaining fonts

Those not producing external communications are encouraged to use the Palatino and Lucida Sans font families included with Windows and Mac operating systems to reduce font licensing costs to the University.

get fonts


web safe font stacks

sans serif Lucida Sans, Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode, sans-serif

serif Palatino, Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, serif

@font-face font options

Using @font-face fonts can add significant “download weight” to a web page. Consider the consequences of this for your visitors before choosing this option.

Currently, licensing costs for the ITC Stone font families are prohibitive for most sites. Open Sans is available at no cost.

sans serif
  • ITC Stone Sans
  • ITC Stone Sans II
  • Open Sans
sans serif condensed
  • ITC Stone Sans II Condensed
  • Open Sans Condensed
  • ITC Stone Serif