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Brand Visual
excellent, leading, passionate
welcoming, authentic, spirited
contemporary, leading edge
clear, focused, minimalistic

Our core brand attributes are reflected in these words and defined in more detail in Who We Are. The primary goal of the visual standards is to help the university community design communications that reflect our brand identity. Doing so ensures that we communicate with a single, consistent voice to all of WSU’s audiences.

applying the elements

Convey the visual brand simply but powerfully. Simplicity in design and messaging increases the likelihood that a communication will make a memorable impression. Less is often more.

The core WSU visual identity consists of four components:

  1. WSU signature (shield and logotype)
  2. Typography
  3. Color palette
  4. Photography

Use of the university signature, specified fonts, color palette, and photography style is required in all communications to ensure consistency of brand presentation.