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WSU’s online portal has become ‘myWSU’

Washington State University’s online information portal, which provides a wide array of electronic systems and services to students and staff, is being renamed “myWSU.”

The renaming effort was first proposed by the late WSU President Elson S. Floyd, who expressed concerns that the name “zzusis,” used originally to describe the WSU student information system, had evolved in common usage in recent years to describe the entire WSU online portal. The portal is used to access the student information system, but also provides access to a variety of other databases and services.

A renaming committee is currently working with WSU employees in departments and colleges all across the university to help identify instances where current references to “zzusis” in online and printed university communications will need to be changed to “myWSU.”

As a resource for colleges and departments that will need to revise such publications and websites, this web page is intended to serve as an “online toolbox,” providing graphics and other information useful in editing information and materials referencing the myWSU portal.

myWSU Style guide

Body copy

myWSU can be referenced in normal body copy using the same font and type size as the main document text. For purposes of consistency, the initial “my” should always be in lower case, followed with no spacing by “WSU” in upper case. This lower case/upper case style of writing the word should also be followed when starting a sentence with the word myWSU, as in “myWSU is the official online portal for the WSU community.”

Display graphic


This is the display graphic icon for myWSU. It can be found on the WSU portal web site and used on other WSU websites and publications. If needed, the icon can be used as a hotlink to the portal site.

The graphic contains a period between the “my” and the “WSU” to reflect the actual internet address of the portal, which is now The graphic can be downloaded here and sized to match the desired application. Safari users should right click on the previous link and click “Download Linked File”.

The display graphic icon should be used anytime it is necessary to reference myWSU in a heading or other situation that does not involve simply referencing myWSU using a standard body copy font.


The official online portal for the WSU community can be found at It can be referenced as or for the purpose of consistency.

zzusis to myWSU Transition

The name zzusis will no longer be used to refer to the WSU portal or to the Student Information System. On August 3, 2015 the zzusis mark will change to the myWSU mark within WSU’s portal. Coordinated communications will be sent out during August and September to inform students, parents, faculty and staff of the change. August through December will be a transition period, so units have ample time to update their communications, websites, print materials, etc. from zzusis to myWSU.   During this transition period, additional communications will be issued to increase public awareness of the change.

The domain will continue to forward to the portal indefinitely, so individuals who have this url bookmarked or who are used to accessing the portal using the zzusis name will still be able to successfully reach the portal.

Thank You

The myWSU committee would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this change. This has been a university-wide effort and we greatly appreciate the assistance of those who have generously given of their time to help move this project forward.


Brant Schroeder can be reached at 509-335-0985 or at Robert Strenge can be reached at 509-335-3583 or at

Other members of the committee able to provide information on the planning effort include Debbie Stellyes, Cheryl Hansen, Susan Poch, Mary Pat Dutton, Jordyn Wright, Kim Mickey, Debbie O’Donnell, Dr. Porismita Borah, Jenny Saligumba-Graham, David Downing and Nancy Wehrung.