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Depending on your situation, there are three paths for implementing the Spine framework for your WSU website.

  1. Within the WSU WordPress platform.
  2. Within WordPress but outside of the central WSU platform using the spine parent theme.
  3. Outside WordPress using the Spine framework components.



1. WordPress (WSU platform)

University Communications offers a centralized WSU WordPress platform (WSUWP) to the WSU community. This solution is an accessible and sustainable option and is very likely the best solution for those with limited technical resources. Benefits include:

  • The most-up-to date and automatically updated Spine framework with a simple, push-button customizer is included.
  • Access to university-wide themes, custom plugins, a global taxonomy, and other assets.
  • General support and troubleshooting for default functionality. (Custom work may be billable.)
  • Development and support by a WordPress engineer and Core contributor and from the University’s central IT infrastructure.
  • The WSUWP enables powerful administration of networks of sites at a college, departmental, and unit level.

To learn more about the WSU WordPress platform or to sign-up, join us at our weekly Open Lab or contact Clint Young.

2. WordPress (distributed)

The WordPress spine parent theme is released under the GNU GPLv2 license and the most recent version is publicly available. Child themes will also be available as they are developed.



3. custom implementations

  1. Standard Markup
    Copy the most up-to-date standard markup as the basis for your own page templates. As long as the standard markup and links to the spine.min.css stylesheet and spine.min.js scripts are maintained, the Spine framework will provide consistent behavior and presentation of the WSU brand.
  2. Customization
    Options like spine color and responsive behavior can be assigned by referring to the inline comments or the more detailed, technical documentation. Contact information, analytics, social channel links, and search providers should also be customized with adjustments to the standard markup.
  3. Content
    Your navigation will replace the sample links in the .site-navigation section. Your page content will replace the sample content in the <main> section.
  4. Design
    Currently, the Spine framework provides preconfigured layouts  and a flexible grid for page design but only a minimal set of built in styles for typography and elements. Layout can be achieved by copying and pasting a default layout. Styling would be achieved with a supplemental stylesheet.