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WSU’s 125th anniversary

In 2015, the University celebrates the 125th anniversary of its 1890 founding. Below, under details, are the standards for the 125th anniversary mark and its use by the university community during 2015. These standards and marks are an extension of the institution-wide brand standards.

For more information, contact Brian Clark (509-335-0939).

125th Marks
125th Marks

The 125th anniversary mark

  • The 125th anniversary mark should not be altered in any way.
  • A stroke or border should not be added to the 125th mark.
  • Colors should be Crimson and Gray.
  • The mark should not be reproduced in any color other than Crimson and Gray or reversed out to white. When using the revered 125th anniversary mark, the “125” remains in Crimson as long as it is contrastive and legible upon the background color. (1)
  • Do not reduce the size of the 125th anniversary mark smaller than 1” in width.

Clear space

125th Clearspace

Appropriate Variants

125th Marks

Inappropriate Variants

125th Marks Ixnay

combining the 125th mark with the WSU Signature

  • The 125th anniversary mark should always be used in conjunction with another WSU logo and never be used by itself. (2) The 125th anniversary mark and WSU Signature can be similar in size or the WSU Signature can be larger. The 125th mark should never be larger than the WSU Signature. (3)
  • When using both the WSU Signature and the 125th mark together — side by side, or stacked — use the same color arrangement for both. (4) When vertically stacking marks, the WSU Signature should be placed above the 125th anniversary mark. (5)
  • Keep required white space between the 125th mark and the WSU Signature. Treat them as distinct elements.
  • The mark and signature should not be used in a way that feels as though the two marks are combining to make a single mark. (6) A line, or pipe, should not be used to separate the two marks; use white space to provide proper separation and distinctness between the 125th anniversary mark and a Signature. (7)

Appropriate combinations


Inappropriate combinations

The Campaign for Washington State University: Because the World Needs Big Ideas, the WSU Foundation’s multi-year campaign to raise $1 billion to support WSU students, faculty, research, and outreach, is one example of an exception. Because of the magnitude and duration of the campaign, a separate campaign identity was developed to effectively deliver campaign-branded messages.

The campaign brand standards are in effect until its projected conclusion in the fall 2015.

campaign standards