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we are
  • knowledgeable
  • trailblazers
  • hands-on
  • inclusive
  • genuine

These five adjectives reflect key aspects of the WSU brand and should be reflected in university communications. The tone of the copy, the color palette, photos, typography, and other design elements work together to represent our brand.

we believe in
  • creating a better future
  • challenging limits
  • driving innovation
  • broadening beliefs
  • nurturing community
we emphasize
  • eminent faculty
  • life-changing research
  • engaged learning
  • enriching experiences
  • informed graduates

These five action steps identify the ways in which WSU demonstrates its core beliefs. These themes, or Brand Drivers, should reoccur regularly in university-produced communications, which will enhance understanding of the WSU brand.

World-class Faculty

WSU faculty experts are nationally and internationally recognized for their contributions to science, business, government, culture, and society. Many faculty are members of prestigious national academies, while others have received honors from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation for their research excellence. These faculty enable WSU to provide world-class educational and research opportunities for a diverse student body from around the world.

Leading Research

WSU is ranked as a top national research university by the Carnegie Foundation and U.S. News and World Report due to the groundbreaking research faculty conduct in areas ranging from global health to sustainability issues involving energy, the environment, agriculture, and building materials. WSU-led research addresses critical challenges facing our state, nation, and world—while producing significant economic returns and immense benefits to the quality of people’s lives. The University’s efforts result in an educated citizenry that enhances the economic, civic, and cultural vitality of our communities.

Challenging Individual Involvement

WSU students receive real-world education and hands-on training through extensive involvement in class work, research, internships, and fieldwork. As a result, our graduates have up-to-date knowledge, professional skills, teamwork experience, and a deep commitment to personal engagement, equipping them to make significant and lasting contributions to the workforce and the world.

Premier Student Experience

WSU is one of the world’s premier universities, providing access to world-class facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and a range of academic, artistic, cultural, and recreational opportunities. WSU’s unique “learning communities” enhance the educational experience, and the close-knit campus environment provides the opportunity to forge life-long relationships.

Productive and Influential Alumni Personally Committed to the Cougar Ideal

WSU’s world-class education prepares graduates to be leaders in our global society and supplies the workforce that drives the economic vitality of our state and beyond. WSU’s alumni serve their communities and many hold key leadership roles in their professions. They are living proof of the opportunities that result from the WSU educational experience. Alumni embody the Cougar ideal: they are personally committed to using their abilities, expertise, resources, and influence to make the world a better place.

we offer
  • undergraduate degrees
  • graduate and professional degrees
  • leadership opportunities
  • committed citizens
we promise
  • if you seek to do good in the world,
  • our learning community will
  • engage, challenge, and equip you
  • for life-long success